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Weight Loss

We provide you with a way to discipline yourself to stay with a weight loss program permanently and have your subconscious help you to really make your goals a reality.

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Fears & Phobias

There are thousands of fears and phobias and any one of these fears can rule your life and not allow you to live life to its fullest. You may find that you have more than one fear in your life and this can cause heavy stress on your body and mind.

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Hypnotherapy is the solution to rebuild your self-confidence and start to really build belief in yourself and your goals for the rest of your life. The reason we lose our natural resources of confidence is due to unconscious destructive habits.

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Pain Management

Hypnosis can provide rapid pain relief that can last for long periods of time. You will no longer have the dependency on pain medications along with all the side effects.

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Some causes of insomnia are due to long standing habits; so behaviourally and cognitively it is difficult to change behaviours. Hypnotherapy is very useful helping change deep seated issues with positive long lasting effects.

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Stop Smoking

Want to stop going round in circles trying to break old habits? The reason hypnosis is such a powerful tool for smoking is because of it helps you build new healthy habits.

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Public Speaking

What is it about talking in front of other people that causes anxiety? This fear is a form of social phobia, causing our throats to feel tight, our heart to beat faster, sweating, and a number of other symptoms.

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We can greatly improve your inner beliefs in performance, especially in sports, where having a strong winning inner belief system is everything! We can sabotage ourselves with negative thoughts, beliefs, and mental programming.

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Stress Relief

Hypnotherapy allows a client to work with their own unconscious mind; they can address the root cause of emotional issues, and communicate with the part of their mind that is generating the feelings of stress, or of being out of control.

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When you so things differently, you may get a different and much better result. It’s knowing what to do differently that counts, hypnotherapy provides a better outlook of the future, giving you happiness, and positive thinking towards a productive life.

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Top 5 Reasons to see a Hypnotherapist

  1. Stop smoking cigarettes, weed, cigars, chewing tobacco
  2. Weight loss: issues like sugar addiction, emotional binge eating, motivation, portion control
  3. Sleep problems: going to sleep, staying asleep, fear of not sleeping, going back to sleep
  4. Anxiety & depression: anxiety and panic attacks, social anxiety, school and testing, PTSD, OCD
  5. Pain management: acute, chronic, injury, arthritic

Change The Way You Think... Become Who You Want To Be!

Are you stopping yourself from fulfilling your dreams because you have feelings of inadequacy? Maybe you’d like to apply for a better job, or make that presentation, ask the girl of your dreams out on a date, but something is always holding you back from being all that you can be.


Hypnotherapy will help you achieve more out of life. We can help to give you the self-confidence, self-esteem, public speaking confidence, motivation, focus, and anything else you need. It comes down to talking to your subconscious mind and implanting positive suggestions and new behavior patterns that allow you to take positive action in your life.

Self-Hypnosis Changes the Way you Think!

Reprogramming your mind is the simplest shortcut known towards creating a real life transformation.

It’s quick and easy and when you learn how you can:

  • Help yourself to heal and to manage pain more efficiently
  • Be more confident about learning new skills and abilities in any area you choose
  • Learn how to relax, remain calm and be less stressed
  • Reprogram your mindset to think abundance rather than lack
  • Increase your performance skills in sports, academics and public speaking
  • Improve your overall mood and change your attitude towards life

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You can pursue your dream job, write a novel, learn a new language, become an Olympian, become a millionaire or start a business. All you need is confidence and focus.

Hypnosis for self-development goals, increase your self-confidence as well to:

  • Improve Your Body Language
  • Learn to Get Along With Others
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Become an Early Riser
  • Become More Proactive
  • Acquire Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Release the Past.
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Increase Your Willpower, self-control
  • Learn to Make Better Decisions

Personal Development that Hypnosis is known to help with:

  • Memory Recall & Accessing Your Untapped Mental Abilities
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Learning Skills & Study Habits
  • Intensity of Focus & Emotional Clearing
  • Developing a Positive mental Attitude
  • Public Speaking Ability
  • Motivation & Writer’s Block
  • Attention Span & Using Your Potential
  • Tension & Stress
  • Creating Exercise Patterns & Achieving Goals
  • Assertiveness & Concentration
  • Sexual performance ( ED, Anxieties, enhancement)
  • Overcome procrastination

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