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People who are happy with their weight and keep to a healthy weight don’t actually try. They just do things a certain way. The formula for success is actually easy and it’s the same formula being used again and again. It’s actually all about “habits”. This is where Hypnotherapy works the best for you.

Want to stop going round in circles trying to break old habits? The reason hypnosis is such a powerful tool for weight loss is because of it’s potential to help you build new healthy habits. This is ideal for easy, natural weight loss.

Hypnotherapy is very different from the dieting approach which tends to emphasize rules and sacrifice. Perhaps that’s why so few people lose weight through traditional dieting methods, and why the majority put weight back on again (plus add a little more).

What weight loss hypnotherapy can really do for you is provide you with a way to really discipline yourself to stay with the weight loss program and have the subconscious desire to really make your goals a reality.

Learn to tune into your inner body signals to eat moderately and feel satisfied. So many of us have learned to disconnect from our bodies and our stomachs because of the “love hate relationship” and struggles that have continued for what may seem like a lifetime. Use a mindfulness tool that helps you to become reacquainted with the sensations of hunger and satisfaction. This tool will then be incorporated into the hypnosis session to ensure that the brain and stomach work together as a powerful team to register feelings of fullness and satisfaction earlier, feeling satisfied with less and eating slowly like a gourmet.

There is a surprising amount of scientific research looking at the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss and much of it is positive. One of the original studies, done in 1986, found that overweight women who used a hypnosis program lost 17 pounds, compared to 0.5 pounds for women who were just told to watch what they ate. In the 90’s a meta-analysis of hypnosis weight loss research found that subjects who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who didn’t. And a 2014 study found that women who used hypnosis improved their weight, BMI, eating behavior, and even some aspects of body image.

Weight loss through hypnosis can be achieved through the conditioning of the mind in altering the daily habits of the person interested in losing weight. Weight loss hypnotherapy can help clients change their minds behavior through suppressing the cravings for foods which can cause the weight gain while adding momentum to the activities and disciplines of a healthy lifestyle such as that of desiring to get more exercise and eat healthy.

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