Some causes of insomnia are due to long standing habits; so behaviourally and cognitively often difficult to change behaviours. Here hypnotherapy can be very useful in helping to change deep seated and seeming impenetrable issues with positive long lasting effects.

Hypnotherapists are trained to not only assess and treat the symptoms/consequences of insomnia, but also examine what causes/triggers it. What might be causing insomnia for one person may not be relevant for someone else, so treating clients as individuals is important.

There are various methods of doing this with hypnotherapy. For example, your hypnotherapist will be helping you to remember times of having a good night’s sleep and either during non-trance state or during trance, anchor this experience. They will be encouraging you to develop and maintain a good daily routine. You may be encouraged to adopt a relaxation routine of self-hypnosis and be encouraged to incorporate it into your daily life. In later sessions you may want to try age regression to go back to the first incident of experiencing trouble with sleeping and with all the resources you now have, resolve that situation. NLP techniques are also very effective in helping to break the cycle by removing any blocks to sleeping/waking.

During trance, your hypnotherapist will offer suggestions and help you to create resource anchors to help you sleep, such as recalling in great detail a favourite painting, piece of music, or favourite place; imagine a storm raging outside while you are safe and warm in bed; visualise yourself sinking into your bed until you can’t tell where your body ends and the bed begins; make your mind a complete blank then imagine a pleasant colour and prevent it from taking any form. These will be tailored to the individual interests and preferences of each client, and you may be encouraged to generate your own ideas during trance, of what may help you whilst you are relaxed and able to focus on finding solutions to your problem.

For best results it is recommended to have one or 2 reinforcement sessions. If you find you need additional reinforcement, this doesn’t mean that you failed or there is something wrong with you or that hypnosis didn’t work. Remember, everyone has different levels of suggestibility, motivation, and personal reactions to the process. There may possibly be some other underlying reason for your sleeping issues and this may need to also be addressed in hypnotherapy.

With hypnotherapy you can break the cycle of insomnia and sleep disorders. This can be achieved by working to establish a good bedtime sleep routine and by reinforcing the connection between bed and sleep.

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