Hypnosis is a natural yet alerted state of mind, in which the conscious –critical part of the mind is relaxed and selective thinking is established. .Hypnotherapy is considered to be a type of complementary therapy to medical treatments. When a person is struggling to overcome past traumas including: ptsd, and painful past memories, hypnosis will assist you in letting go.

Because people are in a situation where they struggle with past trauma it is often difficult to cope with day to day present issues and can cause further stress and trauma.  Hypnotherapy can help you see perspective of your past and bring closure to past pain.

Hypnotherapy can help to re-establish your self-confidence, empower you in your dealings with others, and extend your focus as to what you want to do. Clients will be encouraged to think about their goals (in addition to recovery), and to consider these goals when using self-hypnosis. Establishing a powerful and positive goal is very important in the unconscious mind and will result in much better motivation, confidence, and healing.

Hypnotherapy with clients may be directed to many levels. Physical symptoms of past trauma, the most common of which are pain and fatigue, and the physical effects of its treatment may be lessened or alleviated to enhance quality of life. Hypnotherapy can significantly help patients through ptsd and other past painful memories.

Hypnotherapy will help you to:

  • Learn the difference between what is a real threat or a perceived one.
  • Help you to get back to that calm, comfortable, and in control state so that you can think clearly and efficiently.
  • Help to guide you through hypnotic imagery to release any negative past memories that may be holding you back from living a free life.
  • Give you the tools needed to help you with remaining calm even during stressful circumstances.
  •  Show you how to practice these new thinking patterns so you no longer have a dependence on drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substances.
  • Learn how to go into a relaxed state completely and use the power of your own mind to create the outcome that you truly want in your life through positive imagery.

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