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Public Speaking Hypnotherapy

Public Speaking Hypnotherapy (PublicSpeaking.mp3)
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Enjoy Public Speaking with Confidence

Public Speaking: a common fear

It may be an after dinner toast, a talk at a wedding party or even a business presentation or seminar, but speaking in front of a few people or a large group seems to instill an irrational fear in many people.

Use creative visualization:

Creative visualization hypnosis as used in the public speaking hypnotherapy program will help you mentally rehearse the giving of your r speech. When you get up to speak, you will already have successfully given your speech many times in your mind and your subconscious mind reproduces the memory of that success. You will be calm and relaxed, you will have a trigger post hypnotic suggestion to relax and you will feel successful before you even start. Creative visualisation is a powerful tool used by professional athletes and speakers to practice their public performance. You have the program you need and it's a click away from changing your life. Enjoy this public speaking self-hypnosis product.

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