Just the mere mention of the word, ‘cancer’ and it immediately generates feelings of fear of the unknown and feelings of anxiety over the prospect of having aggressive medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. Added to this are feelings of helplessness because of the potential towards loss of control over your life.  

The same or similar feelings and emotions may also be felt whenever you have been given a diagnosis for any other type of major illness that will require intensive medical surgery or treatments. No one wishes to be given the bad news from your doctor with such a negative prognosis.  

Whenever you’ve been diagnosed with either cancer or any other serious medical illnesses a person often experiences anxiety and fear about the oncoming pain, possible blood losspost-operative nauseavomiting, and other side effects that come with recovering from a serious illness. 

The problem with all this stress, fear, and anxiety is that it can often interfere with a person’s natural mental ability to heal properly.  It may also cause the healing process to be more prolonged and difficult whenever you’re not enabling your mind towards sending positive messages to your body for healing.  

Hypnotherapy helps to give back that feeling of control and a greater understanding of the mind-body connection. By hypnotically guiding a person to use the power of their own subconscious mind they can learn how to face a serious illness from a newer understanding of being in control of their body’s health by using guided imagery while in hypnosis.  

By guiding a person using hypnosis it can help to empower a person to get in touch with their immune system to become more proactive in their battle with their disease.  Simply guiding a person to imagine or visualize their body fighting the cancer or illness and then becoming healthier by removing all those offensive unhealthy cells.   Another way that hypnosis helps is by guiding the person to imagine or visualize the chemotherapy drugs doing their job better supporting their body to eliminate the toxins from their system. 

By using hypnotherapy, it can help a person to better manage the side effects of cancer treatments, things like fatigue, nausea, pain and anxiety. While in hypnosis suggestions are given to help reduce stress or anxiety, or to help relieve symptoms altogether.  

All of us experience the world through our five senses so whenever someone is hypnotized and given suggestions of imagery our physiology will respond in the same way as if we were truly experiencing the changes in the environment.  So, by using hypnotic suggestions that are designed to help towards promoting the healing and calming of the person by using the power of a person’s own mind to positively believe in the best outcome for them. 

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy to medical treatments. When you are told that you have cancer there is a natural tendency for negative thoughts to dominate your thinking and for negative emotions to overpower you to the point of not being able to see beyond recovery. This can contribute to an enormous level of anxiety and worry.

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