When speaking about addictions and bad habits what we’re really referring to is ‘addictive behaviors and bad or negative behavior patterns.  These types of addictions and bad habits are different than substance abuse addictions such as alcohol, drug, and smoking/vaping addictions.  

These behavioral addictions and negative behavior patterns are often done repetitively by persons who may be benefiting by some type of emotional, physical, or other type of secondary gain or reward by their continued practice and repetition of these types of behaviors 

Common examples of behavioral addictions areGambling addictionSex addictionInternet addictionShopping addictionVideo game addiction, Coffee addiction, Chocolate addictionJunk Food addiction, Sugar & Candy addiction, Exercise addictionWork addictionTattoo addictionLove addictionPorn addiction and many more. 

 Common examples of bad habits or negative behavior patterns areExcessive Swearing, Nose picking, Skin picking, Picking Scabs, Popping Zits, Skin cutting, Nail biting, Hair pulling (Trichotillomania), Head scratching, Excessive lying, Overspending, Spitting, Excessive Licking Your LipsExcessive Throat ClearingTeeth Grinding,  Fidgeting, and various types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, plus many more. 

It seems that people who participate actively with various types of behavioral addictions and those who participate with negative behavior patterns may often experience many adverse effects in their lives.  Many suffer from financial losses, money problems, relationship problems, lack of self-esteem, lowered confidence, physical health issues, and feelings of shame or embarrassment.  

How do I know when your addictive behavior or your bad habits have gone too far? 

  • You spend most of your time engaging in the behavior, thinking about it or arranging to engage in the behavior, or recovering from the effects of it 
  • You’ve become dependent on the behavior to cope with your emotions and to feel normal 
  • You continue even though you’re causing yourself physical and/or mental harm 
  • You want to stop but you can’t even manage cutting back 
  • You disregard your work, school, or family in order to absorb in the behavior more often 
  • You’re experiencing feelings of depression and irritability whenever you try to stop 
  • You’re making excuses or hiding the extent of the problem 

Because there are so many different addictions and bad behavior patterns to deal with, it’s important as a hypnotherapist to create the appropriate types of positive suggestions for change that matches up with whatever type of addiction or behavior that may be evident. 

Of course, before any hypnosis can begin, it’s vitally important that the client is fully committed to making the change that they want. Also, important if they can envision a future reality of how much better their life will be when they are totally free from these annoying habits or addictions. 

After guiding a person into a relaxed state of hypnosis, it may be helpful to embed the feeling of disconnection or detachment away from those old addictive behaviors combined with the suggestion that a positive replacement behavior will be felt as something much more enjoyable to them. This new positive replacement opens a new chapter of their life where they now feel the need to care for themselves more, to have more pride and confidence in themselves, and the feeling of emotional freedom becomes much more attractive as well.  

The obvious benefits of being free from addictive behaviors and negative behavior patterns are: 

  • You have more time and motivation to focus on the things you want like creative pursuits, work, family, and recreation time. 
  • Your body begins to heal properly, and you feel more attractive to others. 
  • You feel happier and more fulfilled because your focus changes from self to helping others. 
  • You feel more honest with yourself and have a greater sense of self awareness. 
  • You find other ways to deal with stress, anxieties of life, and insecurities. 
  • You may experience more prosperity in your life with less time and money spent on your habit or addictions 
  • You feel absolutely free! 

When you do something differently, you may get a different and much better result. It is knowing what to do differently that counts, hypnotherapy provides a better outlook of the future, giving you happiness and positive thinking towards a productive life.

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